FUTURA Scutsheet for Internal Medicine

Futura IM Scutsheet

I’ve been using the scutsheets on medfools.com and they’ve been incredibly helpful when rounding and presenting during my internal medicine rotation. I couldn’t help but eventually design my own. I call it my FUTURA scutsheet for IM!

Download FUTURA Internal Medicine scutsheet v1.5 here.


  • The Futura typeface is used to highlight the balance of form and function (nice clean geometry vodka)
  • The point size of 9 was used because it’s not-too-freaking-small nor wastefully-big
  • No lines in major sections to accommodate any-sized handwriting
  • Checkboxes for automatic to-do-lists
  • Folded half-sheet design for portability and one-handedness; folding in half also allows other side to be free space to write a full admission H&P
  • 6 hospital days chosen because the average length of stay is 4.9 (males: 5.3, females: 4.6 according to the CDC)
  • Zebra striping for security, comfort, and peace of mind (tr:nth-child(2n+1))

Enjoy internal medicine! Ha!

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