(in rural China after the first year of medical school)



Henry Del Rosario was born in Chicago, Illinois to Filipino immigrants. He double-majored in Molecular & Cellular Biology and English at the University of Illinois, obtained his Doctor of Medicine from Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University, and trained at the West Suburban Family Medicine Program in the west-side of Chicago. In 2017 he moved to Providence, Rhode Island with his wife and currently works in Massachusetts as an Assistant Professor and academic Family Physician for the UMass Family Medicine and Community Health Department. For Henry, there are three desires he wants to fulfill with his short life: to explore, to create, and to serve.

The beauty of family medicine comes from seeing patients from birth to death, in the clinic and in the hospital, and often times the opportunity to care for multiple members of the same family! Henry has a passion for 1) evidence-based outpatient preventative care for children and adults, 2) adult inpatient medicine, 3) outpatient prenatal care and inpatient high-risk obstetrics, 4) medical education (of medical students and residents), and 5) bedside point-of-care ultrasound.

Moreover, Henry has a passion for integrating art and literature into his medical career. As a doctor you are privy to some of the most intimate, vulnerable, and beautiful aspects of human experience. Entrusted with such a privilege, he is excited to see where life will lead him.


Education & Work

  • Hahnemann Family Health Center and Umass Memorial Medical Center
    • Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
    • Academic faculty attending of the Worcester Family Medicine Residency Program
    • Primary care for infants, children, and adults
    • Prenatal, obstetric, labor & delivery care
    • Inpatient adult hospital medicine
    • Family Medicine Department Epic Builder
    • Family Medicine Ultrasound Instructor
  • West Suburban Medical Center Family Medicine Program
    • Training experiences included urban undeserved medicine, inpatient medicine, & high-risk obstetrics
  • Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University
    • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Bachelor of Science
    • Double majored in Molecular & Cellular Biology and English


Artist Statement

I am a person of dual experiences: Asian and American, Artist and Doctor, Sinner and God-saved. My artwork focuses on my questions about identity:

  • How does being Asian and American affect artistic mediums and tools?
  • Can art heal? Can medicine have a meaningful aesthetic?
  • Does prayer, meditation, and mindfulness have a place in medicine and art?

Art deconstructs and constructs what is beautiful. Medicine deconstructs and constructs what is sick. My work explores meditation and prayerfulness as common ground between art and medicine. In particular, I use ink and calligraphy (graphemes) and the words they represent (phonemes) as a starting point to explore how art and medicine react to each other. Historically, calligraphy has been used to record and copy scriptures— intimately tied to Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen. There are increasing studies being done now in medicine about mindfulness and meditation. I have a feeling that the self-examination I do when seeing patients and the need for patients to be self-aware in their own health are related to the self-reflection done in art and calligraphy. Moreover, self-examination can reveal structural and personal depravities. America’s social problems of race, the decolonization of the Philippines, and globalization are themes I investigate in my works.


Hobbies + Interests

Art (calligraphy, photography), growing indoor houseplants, writing, Alfred Hitchcock films, Anime, traveling, reading biographies, learning languages




List of websites I peruse



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