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Del Rosario Henry

No bulwark here but

No bulwark here but barren land— filtered arctic beating the aseptic cowl—

Does the soul linger

Does the soul linger after the last heart beat— uncover lines and cords strewn on the body—


Telomere— the end is here— Cold leaf on a windshield— wiped— conducts the end of songs—

Logographing the Moon

Buwan Many poems of indigenous Filipino tribes contain imagery of the moon. Below is a poem (ambahan) of the Hanunoo people from Antoon Postma’s Treasure …

At Giardino Rossi

At Giardino Rossi before I sit to rest, a pair of little boots trip on cobble stones before me.

Beneath the columns

Beneath the columns a young woman sits to smoke into my bronchi Colonne di San Lorenzo European Respiratory Society: “Non-smokers are at …