To drive to the hospital

To drive to the hospital
plunged in blue—
tenting this cyanotic skin
of this curve of the world
my car drives in

Fragile film
of blue fuzzes the trees—
branches fringe—
aqueous solution of silhouettes
into soft brown brushes—
seeping the sedated color
of the fog
in front of me

Technical red
punctuates the morning hue
speckling my window
and my mirrors
Their neon
pulsates through the dye—
The other patrons
of this lonely artery—
Our anemic hour

I will cut
and I will give
I will concern
myself with the gravid
of artery and vein

But before I step into
the hospital
I congest myself
to drown to dive
  1. Radiation fog – “usually occurs in the winter, aided by clear skies and calm conditions. The cooling of land overnight by thermal radiation cools the air close to the surface. This reduces the ability of the air to hold moisture, allowing condensation and fog to occur. Radiation fogs usually dissipate soon after sunrise as the ground warms”
  2. Family doctors – 36% perform minor surgical procedures, 45% treat patients in the ICU, 40% deliver care in hospital ERs, 59% care for newborns, 77% have hospital privileges, 19% provide routine OB care
  3. Gs and Ps – In labor and delivery we use gravidity and parity to describe a woman’s obstetric history
  4. Chronic congestion – “advanced forms of venous disorders, including manifestations such as hyperpigmentation, venous eczema, lipodermatosclerosis, atrophie blanche, and healed or active ulcers”

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